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Eye Makeup DO'S & DON'TS

by Fontana Contarini ME on November 08, 2021

“Eye makeup is designed to make your eyes stand out.”

1. Priming your lids is an essential tip.

You can either use an eyeshadow primer or loose powder to set your lids. It helps absorb any excess oil while giving an eyeshadow effect. After this you may apply the Absolute Mascara by Fontana Conatrini Cosmetics that will define, separate, and curve up the lashes, without creating lumps and a smudgy look. 


2. Narrow your top eyeliner moving towards the inner eye:

When applying eyeliner, there are many tricks to do it perfectly. One of the most significant steps is to make the line thinner until it disappears into the inner corner of your eye. You can achieve this perfectly with our Absolute Marker which has a thin brush that will help you achieve the desired look.


3. Complete your line with eyeshadow:

Pencilled eyeliner can be tricky sometimes, as it tends to melt away within the day. Therefore, you could prevent that by setting your line with eyeshadow as it will work as a primer.


1. Don’t apply your eyeliner, right after applying a moisturizer:

You need to wait at least 10 minutes after applying any moisturizer to your face to let it dry before applying any makeup. This will help in keeping your makeup in place and avoiding sliding and smudging it off. 


2. Don’t use any heavy makeup eye cream:

The mix of the oil and moisture in eye cream can cause a disaster with your mascara. The heat and oils will rise to the mascara which will cause smudging and worst-case bleeding.


3. Don’t overline your lower eyelid with eye pencil:

The eye pencil is the most difficult makeup tool. Any mistake can ruin the whole look. Because of that, we advise you to go less with eye pencil, applying it smoothly with no extra layers on the eyes.


These are great tips for makeup lovers, it is a quick guide for a smooth and long-lasting makeup application.