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We're Hopping into the TikTok Trends!

by Fontana Contarini ME on October 13, 2021

Coming from a background that is full of experiences in makeup, Fontana Contarini Cosmetics has been always following the trends by creating makeup lines that are fashionable and popular based on customer demand. With all that hype that’s been going on in the past 2 years in the digital world, we hopped into the latest trends in the TikTok world!

Let the fun begin...with Nadine Hossam

Blend, Blend, Blend!!!

The eyeshadow blending trend was the first trend to catch our eyes. This creative, easy, and brilliant trend, made it easier for makeup addicts to blend their way into a perfect eyeshadow. And we couldn’t do it better without the content creator; Nadine Hossam, who showed us the best way to create a very blended eyeshadow using our makeup products to achieve a flawless look.

Follow us cause why not!

We officially joined this amazing platform as a creator and with the support of multiple influencers coming along the way, we’re hoping we would become the next trend!

Follow us on our TikTok account @fontanacontarinime.

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