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Flawless Foundation - 03 Sand

Flawless Foundation - 03 Sand

  • SKU: FFF30-3
  • Barcode: 8008381034012

An ever so lightweight, silky and comfortable texture, this fluid foundation is the perfect product to use in order to have a flawless complexion.

The sophisticated raw materials have been selected to help minimize pores and correct discoloration, softly reducing blemishes and/or fine lines, and even out the skin tone, giving the skin a perfectly smooth finish.

  • Spherical powders and silica for a smooth application, a natural matte effect and to help minimize expression lines
  • Silicone resin to guarantee a long-lasting effect
  • Vitamin E, well known for its anti- radical properties
  • Physical filter to protects the skin from environmental damage and aggression

A flawless, bomb-proof complexion! The Flawless Foundation by Fontana Contarini with its fluid texture will guarantee the absence of the annoying mask effect, giving you a light that can hide imperfections without altering the natural color of the skin. Impeccable all day, you will have no more thoughts: this long-lasting foundation remains fresh and natural, you can trust it!

The color does not change and does not remain on the clothes. From today, the fresh look of the morning will last all day, without the need for touch-ups!

All shades have been specifically formulated to suit all skin types, for a natural finish, flawless from morning to night. A flawless result, an affinity with the skin which is so perfect that you will forget you are wearing it.


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