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Sophisticated and exclusive formula, born from the most innovative cosmetic research. A fine selection of raw materials gives this product a lightweight and fresh texture, able to merge with the epidermis, and guarantee a sensational feeling of wellness on the skin.

This serum is based on Plant stem cells’ primary function i.e. revitalize and instantly tone up the skin, together with the action of some functional principles which complement its activity:

•Hamamelis water: it has a strong soothing action on dry skin,
reducing flaking typical of very dry skin and giving it
elasticity and softness.
•Apple extract: rich in microelements, vitamins, mineral salts
and organic acids, with toning and stimulating properties,
which are able to give a boost to tired and worn-out skin.
•Caffeine: well known for its ability to stimulate the
microcirculation and revitalizing the skin are also very effective
against anti-free radicals, which translates into an anti-aging
action. It deeply nourishes the skin, whilst helping with the loss
of firmness and stimulate cell turnover.


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